Learn Tip and Tricks to Win Scholarships! Our course is broken down into 8 sections that outline actionable steps to lower your tuition bill

The Common Sense Rule

Section outlines some basic rules that you need to follow.

Getting Organized

Section walks through the documents and materials you need.

Building Your Profile

Section helps you outline the image you need to portray.

Finding Scholarships

Section outlines the best way to find relevant scholarships for you.

Getting Recommendation Letters

Section goes over geting recommendations from teachers and mentors.

Writing the Application

Section explains how to write impressive applications.

Writing A Winning Essay

Section provides a guideline to write winning scholarship essays.

Sending Your Application

Sections goes over the most efficient way to send out your application.

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Absolutely Yes! Thousands of scholarships do not residency or citizenship requirements; so you should have a large enough pool of scholarships to apply to.